One of my figure drawings - charcoal on paper (20 minute pose).

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Mehdi Sefrioui | Handing a Pink Slip to Fashion’s Black List

Moroccan photographer Mehdi Sefrioui debuts his photographic fashion editorial on Another Africa celebrating the black body, black men and mens’ fashion. A homage to his another Africa, where equality, beauty and agency co-exist. View more images on .

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All images courtesy of the artist. All rights reserved.

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Blue Abyss 

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Ndande, Senegal. 22yr old Bineta Ndiaye looks at herself in the mirror as her 19yr old friend Coumba Faye fixes her hair at her home in Ndande.

Photographer: Joe Penney

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thanks to everyone reblogging my doodles from fuckyeahmoleskines blog, you guys are the bees knees. lets bee buddies. <3

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